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Explore our local fish farm, where you can find stunning ornamental fish, and also discover a wide range of aquarium equipment and accessories for your pets. Dive into the experience as we bring you live and frozen seafood, adding a delicious and healthy seafood feast. Elevate your passion for aquatic wonders and seafood delights with our one-stop destination for all things fun.

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Great place for families

Fun-filled activities

Largest Variety Of Fishes In SG

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A local fish farm that encapsulates:

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We are a one stop shop for all your pets and aquarium needs.

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Paul P

“Best fish farm in Singapore! The team is passionate and dedicated in their craft, always available to share more when queries are raised about their fish & other related concerns.”


“One great outing place for kids and family. Kids were all excited catching longkang fish and strolling at aquarium fish display. It was a happy outing for all! Yes, staffs are all pleasant and approachable!”

Noel Toh

"Find the place very nice and spacious. Have been to quite a few aquariums but this is by far the biggest for me. Was very fun to walk around to see the extremely wide range of fish they have, with huge ranges in price as well. This is going to be my new favorite fish place. Highly recommended for anyone with an interests in fish."

Helena Shen

"Vast, beautiful place with lots of ornamental fish. Very accommodating owner/staff. Our residents' community recently organized a trip to Qian Hu and the residents (especially families with kids) enjoyed it very much. Langkong fishing was a blast to the kids, and the staff was generous to give extra fish and a free carrier tank. Recommended to friends."

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