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Fish Spa

Most of us are on our feet 10-12 hours every single day! Whether at work or at play, our feet go through grueling stress. Come enjoy and treat your feet to an alternative-healing method from Eastern Europe. The Garra Rufa fish thrives on dead skin cells and will gladly help provide your tired feet with natural exfoliation.

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Natural exfoliation of dead skin

Smoother and Healthier glowing skin

Promote blood circulation

Relieve stress and tension

Fun and laughter with family and friends

Fish Spa Charges:

30 minutes Spa
Adult @ $10.00 per person
Children @ $5.00 Per Person
Senior Citizen @ $5.00 Per Person

*Subsequence charges for adult $0.30 per minute; Children $0.15
*Adult: Age 13-54 | Children: Age 12 & Below | Senior Citizen: